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Booking instructions:

  • Select the stand/s you would like to book on the floor plan below. Available stands are white with a blue border (if a stand becomes unavailable whilst you are looking at the floor plan, and you select that stand, a message will appear informing you that it is unavailable)
  • Stands that have already been booked are grey; if a stand is in the process of being booked it will be purple - this means it might become available if the booking is not completed - you can click refresh to check this
  • You can select a maximum of five stands in one booking and, if you need to unselect one, simpy click on it again to remove it from your booking
  • The price (inclusive of VAT) of the stand/s you have selected will appear in a table below the floor plan
  • Once you are happy with your choice, click the 'BOOK SELECTED STANDS' button underneath the plan and then, complete the form below
  • During the booking, you can also select to 'CHOOSE DIFFERENT STANDS' if you change your mind
  • When you are happy with your booking, click 'SUBMIT' to view your booking summary

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All stands are charged at the same rate per sqm. Carpet and power supply are included for both types of stand; lighting is also included for shell scheme stands. Space only exhibitors MUST ensure there is a structure provided between themselves and any neighbouring stands.

We will double check your decision at a later date, so if you do not yet know, please select 'Not sure'.

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