Guidance for Applicants

Applying for a PMG Bursary

Only applications made using the PMG online application form will be considered.

The support of line managers should be submitted separately via email to - the email should display the manager's place of work contact details.

As well as confirming the eligibility of the applicant, the supporting email should indicate, where relevant:

i) how much funding is available to the applicant for continuing professional development (CPD)
ii) if the applicant has received related training in the past 12 months
iii) what other funding is available to the applicant for training

If you are self-employed, please contact  to discuss.


Your application for a bursary will be assessed on how well you define the relevance of the conference to your overall CPD. Please indicate if there are areas of the field you are particularly interested in learning about.

Applications are judged by a panel consisting of PMG committee members. If any conflict of interest arises between a member of the panel and an applicant or applicants, then that panel member is excluded from the adjudication process.

If a successful applicant fails to adhere to the conditions of provision, then the full attendance fee must be refunded.

The closing date for applications has passed.

We aim to inform all applicants of the results approximately 2-3 weeks after the closing date.