Terms of Reference for the Executive Committee

A. General

The purpose of the PMG executive committee is to manage the business of PMG to achieve the PMG aims and objectives and any current strategic objectives. The following terms of reference should be read in conjunction with the PMG Constitution


B. Aims & Objectives

1. Education and dissemination of information

2. Provision of annual conferences to provide a forum for the discussion and promotion of best practice and to share the latest research and evidence for best practice

3. Provision of a forum to:

  • disseminate the results of relevant research
  • contribute to identifying topics for research and
  • assist and support PMG members undertaking research

4. Collaboration with other relevant groups and organisations to promote best practice and quality in the research into, and delivery of, posture and mobility services.


C. Delegated tasks

To achieve the group's aims and objectives, other committees and occasional working parties are formed to progress the various tasks.

The role and names of the delegated groups will vary according to the current activities and priorities of PMG. As from January 2019, there is one delegated committee - Conference, Education and Communications (CEC) - whose main task is to deliver the annual conference.  It also advises on marketing PMG and on other training provision.

D. Responsibilities

Each committee member shall take an active part in progressing the business of PMG via the executive committee, occasionally undertaking agreed tasks in between the meetings as appropriate.

To make the most effective contribution each committee member shall:

1. Attend committee meetings, which are presently held approximately 3 times a year, plus the Annual General Meeting 

2. Take an active and constructive part in committee discussions and decision making, and accept a share of the responsibilities for conducting the business of PMG

3. Stand for office bearer (chair or treasurer) only if they have the time and ability to undertake the increased responsibilities and, where appropriate, have the approval of their employer for the extra commitment that may be involved

4. Conduct all PMG business in a professional manner to assist in the promotion of the aims and objectives of PMG

E. Funding for committee members

Committee members acting on behalf of PMG, conducting authorised PMG business, may claim expenses for doing so. This includes attendance at PMG committee meetings, but not generally for the annual conference.

Authorised PMG business is that which has received prior approval by the executive committee or by an officer on behalf of the committee.

Agreed expenses are:

  • 45p per mile for car use
  • standard class rail fare
  • economy, and preferably discount, air fares where possible
  • overnight accommodation in B&B, or in 3 star or less hotels, where necessary to conduct the business

Sundry costs such as postage, telephone charges, meals and refreshments will be at the discretion of the Treasurer, whose decision on the appropriateness of any expenditure in the event of dispute is final.

PMG cannot generally pay for the cost of a member’s time involved in carrying out PMG business.

F. Additional funding for committee members

In addition to the expenses outlined above, all committee members receive complimentary attendance at the annual PMG Conference at which the AGM is held.


G. Review

This policy will be reviewed as required by the executive committee for agreement at the relevant AGM.