Best Practice Guidelines

The proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Posture & Wheeled Mobility (Glasgow 2010) were underpinned by the development of best practice guidelines (BPGs) covering a range of areas. Several guidelines were completed and later published on the PMG website, and you can read these original documents via the BPG Archive here.

In 2018, PMG commissioned Bob Appleyard to revise 'BPG1: Transportation of People Seated in Wheelchairs'. The revised edition was published in 2019; you can download this revision here.

Other BPGs may also be considered for reviewing, and both 'BPG5: Empowering Children and Adults with Cognitive Disabilities to Learn Skills for Powered Mobility: Principles, Evidence, and Recommendations' and 'BPG7: Clinical practice considerations for the use and introduction of powered mobility with children' are now available for comments.