Stand Booking Terms & Conditions

Organisations booking a stand at the PMG Conference must not hold training events that take place during the educational programme/exhibition opening hours of the conference (generally Tuesday and Wednesday 8am-5pm). If PMG learns of such training events, and these are not rearranged, we reserve the right to cancel your stand booking, in which case we will provide a full refund.

Training events are welcomed on the set-up day of the exhibition; PMG will not assist in the organisation of these additional events, but will market them using the usual routes (our External Training Event listings, social media and emails to mailing list) if requested, as long as they are relevant to PMG's membership.

All exhibitors must abide by any rules set out in the Exhibitor Manual, and follow any instructions given regarding health & safety, shell scheme, set-up/break-down and traffic management by PMG/venue staff and/or our contractors. Failure to do so may result in you being refused entry to the exhibition. 

To view our Exhibition Stand Booking Refund Policy please click here.