NHS Scotland email address migration 2020

There are a couple of ways to ensure you will continue to receive mailings from PMG after the nhs.net domain emails are no longer being forwarded to the nhs.scot domain addresses.  It can depend on whether or not you are registered as a PMG member.

Members of PMG do not necessarily receive our marketing emails - this only happens if you have signed up to receive them, and not every member did that when it became a GDPR requirement. 

The easiest thing to do now is to re-register as a member of PMG with your new email address, and, if you want to receive/continue to receive our marketing emails (about conference etc), remember to indicate this when asked at the end. To re-join click here

Once you've done this, please inform olwen.ellis@pmguk.co.uk so that we can delete your current PMG membership account.


Subcribers only: if you are not a PMG member, but have selected to receive the marketing emails only, please contact olwen.ellis@pmguk.co.uk and we will change your nhs.net email address internally on the Mailchimp database.

If you don't know which category you belong to, contact olwen.ellis@pmguk.co.uk 

Thank you!