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One arm drive wheelchairs (2013)

Dr Anne Mandy, University of Brighton

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Measurement of (1) shoulder muscle activity and (2) hand/handrim contact force used in one arm drive wheelchairs: a comparison of the Neater Uni-wheelchair to other contemporary one arm drive wheelchairs

Research indicates that one arm drive wheelchairs such as lever drive and dual handrim designs do not adequately meet the needs of stroke and hemiplegic users. Recent research by Mandy et al [10;11;12] has shown that the Neater Uni-wheelchair is an ergonomically and physiologically more efficient alternative that is also preferred to other comparable one arm drive wheelchairs.

The aim of this study was twofold:

1. To compare the hand/handrim forces generated in three different manual one arm drive wheelchairs: a NuDrive lever drive, the Neater Uni-wheelchair and an Action3. All three wheelchairs used the Neater Uni-wheelchair steering mechanism to permit one armed propulsion. The GripTM system was used to measure dynamic interface grip force between the propelling hand palm, thumb and fingers and the wheelchair handrim.

2. To measure muscle activity using EMG in six muscles around the shoulder during propulsion of the same three different one arm drive wheelchairs.

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