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Medical Devices Regulation (MDR)

Changes are coming to the way in which the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) ensures the safety and quality of medical devices.

Dynamic seating for dystonia (2013)

Dr Tim Adlam, Bath Institute of Medical Engineering

Systematic review of dynamic seating for dystonia

This is a proposal for a systematic review of the research literature on the use of dynamic seating for dystonic movement disorders. The proposed review follows on from a narrative review carried out by Dr Adlam as part of his PhD submission.

There are now many dynamic seats on the market in Europe and the United States. These seats are of many different designs, yet there appears to be limited evidence to support their use. They employ a variety of mechanisms, and range from simple hinged and sprung backrests, to complex multi-degree-of-freedom mechanisms.

The proposed review will systematically search the scientific literature for evaluations of dynamic seats that provide insight into the functional performance, effectiveness and benefit or otherwise of dynamic seating.

The review will not investigate automotive dynamic seating designed to improve road traffic accident safety.


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