Upper Extremity Positioning - The Missing Seating Intervention

Candy Foo

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Biomechanics and kinematics of standing in children with cerebral palsy (2005)

Alice Wintergold, Chailey Heritage Clinical Services

Download Alice Wintergold Final report

A study of the biomechanics and kinematics of standing during development, and in children with cerebral palsy

This study aims to define the parameters for standing support provision. The first phase of the study is a cross sectional experimental design using a convenience sample of adults to develop the methodology for measuring the biomechanics and kinematics of standing during set activities. This will inform the protocol used in the later parts of the study.

The second phase will collect control data from typically developing children and investigate if there is a recognisable pattern of muscle activity and joint position. Children will be tested in free and supported standing.

The third phase will collect data from children with cerebral palsy and compare this to patterns obtained from typically developing children.


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