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Wheelchair Service Feedback

07 March 2015


We feel it is really important to promote good practice within the wheelchair services. A website called iWantGreatCare ( has recently been set up to allow patients to review NHS services. If you go to the website homepage you will see a section called ‘wheelchair services’ underneath the ‘iWantGreatCare’ heading. Within this section all of the UK’s wheelchair services should be available to review.

We understand that many wheelchair users are frustrated with the current system, but we also know many have had great experiences, so we think it’s vital that both positive and negative views are shared on this website. Please inform your clients about this website, so that they can review your service.

To help you engage with clients on this matter, we’ve created a document which you can download here; please print it, cut out the 12 "cards" and distribute them to your clients. We hope this reminds you to share the website with clients, to help them to share their opinions.


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