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Wheelchair workout


Monica Young

Rehabilitation Engineer

21 June 2017

Dorset Wheelchair Service (DWS) has been getting a lot of interest in exercises for people in wheelchairs with leaflets produced by NHS choices becoming a big favourite among clients attending for clinic appointments.

These leaflets provide a range of exercises specifically catering to people in wheelchairs (see example diagram), and are a good resource to encourage healthy living through exercise.

The leaflet can be viewed by clicking here, and there is also a whole page on the NHS choices website dedicated to fitness advice for wheelchair users, see here.  

The exercise leaflets are being printed off and displayed in the DWS waiting room, and need to be replenished constantly!  It’s really great to see this interest in specific exercises for wheelchair users.

Clients are also signposted to the website which sells Wheelchair Fitness DVDs. 

Monica Young

Lead Rehabilitation Engineer, Dorset Wheelchair Service

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