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Anatomy and Human Movement


Review by Louise Viner

Occupational Therapist

09 May 2019

By Soames and Palastanga

This is a book review of Anatomy and Human Movement  - Structure and Function by Palastanga and Soames. The authors are British and have worked with other people from within the UK. This is the seventh edition of the book, improved to make the information clearer for the reader.

While the foreword states that the book can be used for all levels of learning from undergraduates to lecturers, I feel it could be used by any healthcare professional working with people, or anyone with an interest in anatomy. The book has five chapters: Introduction of the Body; Upper Limb; Lower Limb; Trunk and Neck; Head and Brain.

Each chapter begins with key concepts and a general overview, followed by the detail. Learning outcomes are clearly written to ensure the areas are covered and there are helpful summaries outlining each section within a chapter. The topics are laid out and described in detail, and points are clearly separated. There are self-assessment areas to test the reader, with answers at the back of the book, which I found particularly helpful.

Overall the book is clear and concise. The diagrams are informative for all levels of reader, giving adequate information linked to the written information.

I feel that this is a very good anatomy book for use at many levels; I have enjoyed using it to develop my own knowledge, and will use it as a learning tool for new staff.


    • I am occupational therapist and I’ m so interested in the information. Thanks

      by Norma on 17th May 2019 | 15:27pm (reply)

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