Historical standing orders

Before PMG membership became free of charge in 2015,  PMG had collected membership fees by a variety of means - initially, and for many years, by annual standing orders of £10.

Despite considerable efforts to contact members and previous members asking that they cancel their standing orders, there are still a few of these being paid into the PMG account year on year.

The PMG executive committee has now agreed that no further efforts should be made to contact individuals who have not responded about this matter hitherto, and that all the £10 annual standing orders will be regarded as “refundable subscriptions” until such time as an individual requests a refund from PMG.

If you recall setting up an annual standing order to PMG prior to 2007, please check your bank account to see if the sum of £10 is being paid annually to Posture & Mobility Group (most are paid in early January, although there are a handful later in the year). 

If you find that you have one of these standing orders, kindly ask your bank to cancel it immediately.


Dr Pamela Harper
PMG Treasurer
August 2018